Manage Knowledge Graphs the Easy Way

LinkedDataHub is like Wordpress for Knowledge Graphs

You can use LinkedDataHub as an open-source platform for:

  • Collaborative data and content management.
  • Low-code application development.
  • Visualizing SPARQL query results.

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Convenient Data Management Features

In LinkedDataHub you can collaboratively create and edit RDF ontologies, instance data, and document content enjoying a consistent user experience.

You can also import and map tabular data directly into your Knowledge Graph.

Data management
Data analytics

Enhance Your Data Analytics

LinkedDataHub's interface allows you to use faceted search to easily find and analyze the information you need.

You can also share SPARQL queries and visualize their results as charts, maps and graphs.

Low-Code Application Development

Data-driven application UI is provided out of the box. By default every application includes a SPARQL endpoint and a Linked Data API which do not require separate development efforts.

You can customize the application interface and structure without coding by reusing, configuring and extending declarative components.

App development
Easy setup

Get LinkedDataHub Running in a Few Easy Steps

Whether you are deploying it on a local test server or to a cloud platform, the Docker-based infrastructure makes the setup frictionless and takes less than a couple of minutes.

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