About Us

We empower organisations to make the most of their data with Knowledge Graph technology

AtomGraph was founded in 2011 by Martynas Jusevičius and Džiugas Tornau with the idea of enabling organisations to have a holistic overview of their scattered information resources by connecting data.

AtomGraph's main products have been specifically designed to take advantage of the unique features of the RDF graph data model. The web-native nature of this model led us to the development of a radically new data-driven software architecture.

We base all our software solutions on the Knowledge Graph technology. From years of research and experience we've learned that it is the only existing IT technology having the potential to connect all the relevant business data from both private and public sources, while at the same time being cost-effective in the long term.

Džiugas Tornau

CEO, Co-founder Džiugas on LinkedIn

Džiugas is responsible for commercial and operational activities at AtomGraph. Throughout the years, he has built substantial experience in open-source and data-oriented projects in the corporate, public and startup worlds. His background encompasses finance, business and software development, and consulting.

Džiugas Tornau
Martynas Jusevičius

Martynas Jusevičius

CTO, Co-founder Martynas on LinkedIn

Martynas is a software architect specialising in Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph technologies. His experience stretches way back—from developing professionally since the early 2000s and earning an MSc degree from the IT University of Copenhagen to freelance consulting and holding senior software engineer positions.