Enabling high-performance online publishing through a Linked Data platform

For this top entertainment site in Scandinavia, AtomGraph created a Linked Data platform, enabled stable and high-performance online publishing, and added new functionality with vastly improved extensibility

The Problem

During the rebranding to HeltNormalt, the creative department came up with a number of new content types, containing images, plain text, markup, or a combination of those. The website layout was fully redesigned and adjusted for each of the content types.

Such expansion called for a new platform that supports not only management of content items, but also agile modeling of content types, as well as rapid layout and functionality changes. The previous in-house content management platform (based on a rigid relational schema) could not meet the new requirements.

Hamlet in 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire'
Dinosaur in the toilet

Our Approach

The RDF data model was chosen for the content because of its schema-less and flexible nature. LinkedDataHub was used as a Linked Data framework for the new HeltNormalt publishing solution.

Content editors with administrator level access were able to edit new posts, including XHTML and images, in predefined Web forms; the data is stored in a cloud-based triplestore (Dydra); and the curious audience can browse the entire archive of comic strips, filtering and sorting by time period and ratings.

Customer Benefits

HeltNormalt used our Knowledge Graph Management System for their new online platform to reduce the publishing costs using automatically generated content, enhance the user experience and minimize page load time.

The combined platform enabled stable and high-performance online publishing with increased functionality and extensibility and minimal maintenance for a fraction of the cost of the previous system.

Launching localized HeltNormalt versions in different countries required only minimal changes to the declarative query and layout templates, as the core codebase of the application is fully reusable.

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