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Free Your Data From Silos

We develop data-driven software to help you build and manage Knowledge Graphs efficiently


The Knowledge Graph
Management System

Manage and publish connected data with a few clicks

LinkedDataHub is an open-source platform for publishing data that works as a layer on top of a Knowledge Graph. Using LinkedDataHub as a low-code data management system you can easily:

  • Publish RDF graph data
  • Build and deploy data-driven apps and APIs
  • Create custom views and visualizations of your information

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Extract, Connect and Analyze Your Cloud Data

Octopus is AtomGraph’s solution that lets you get the most of your enterprise data by retrieving it from third-party cloud services and integrating it in a Knowledge Graph

With Octopus you can:

  • Get a panoramic view of your cloud-services data from a single hub.
  • Use harmonized data for machine learning.
  • Analyze data using dashboards and structured search.

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Clients and Partners

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