Connect All Your
Cloud-Service Data

Octopus is a platform that consolidates and harmonizes enterprise data from cloud services

By extracting, transforming and converting heterogenous data to RDF on the fly, Octopus reconciles your data sources, enabling you to:

  • Manage and publish data within a private data hub.
  • Analyze and query your information to improve Business Intelligence.
  • Save time cleaning data for your own AI & machine learning efforts.

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Build and Grow Your Own Knowledge Graph

Octopus connects data from popular cloud services into one unified Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs integrate information from different domains, data models and heterogeneous data formats.

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Business Intelligence

Stay Ahead with Data-Driven Business Intelligence

With Octopus you can search across your company's business information resources from one single place.

The ability to run custom queries over cross-domain enterprise data helps you make better-informed decisions and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

Aggregate Customer Data Points into a Panoramic 360° View

Octopus creates a connected layer on top of your data and lets you monitor information about your customers as well as instantly search and share sales and marketing data within your enterprise.

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AI & Machine Learning

Get Clean and Harmonized Data for AI & Machine Learning

Data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning data. With Octopus this is done automatically.

Harmonized data from the Octopus API is readily available to you as an input to custom machine learning and AI solutions.

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