State and University Library

State and University Library

One of the main university libraries in Denmark used AtomGraph services to digitize thousands of old publications and use the data in creative displays and mash-ups.

The problem

Danish Newspapers is a registry of newspapers with historical and factual metadata records, curated by the Danish State and University Library. The library was looking for a vendor that could digitize three existing printed volumes and turn them into a modern online solution with an option to edit existing data and add new data, both structured and rich-text.

The Danish Newspapers
The Danish Newspapers frontpage

Our approach

We designed and implemented the transition from printed books to TEI XML and then to RDF data. The AtomGraph platform was deployed to publish Linked Data as well as user-friendly and mobile-ready XHTML.

Customer benefits

AtomGraph increased online visibility of The Danish Newspapers data. It enabled an unlimited exchange of structured library records that is based on W3C standards and forward-compatible with bibliographic vocabularies such as BIBFRAME.

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