Beijer Ref

Beijer Ref

We've helped this refrigeration products company to create a single product data space, making editing and management easier and improving their SEO.

The problem

The company was not satisfied with the catalog's data management, namely with limited options to categorize products and lack of support for technical product parameters.

Other features on their wish list were: easy batch import of product data from Excel files, and improved SEO based on structured data.

Danfoss MPHE technical data
Refrigeration Stock

Our approach

We developed the first product information system to natively use and GoodRelations e-commerce vocabularies with product categories managed using an integrated SKOS taxonomy editor.

RDF import functionality for Google Sheets allows the company to manage the product data in a multitenant cloud environment and automatically publish it on the Web.

Customer benefits

The company finally has a single data space for all current and future product information.

Embedded RDFa and JSON-LD allows Google search engine to index the structured data and use it for Rich Snippets, which are ranked higher among search results.